Discover the city of Lorient

Lorient is a city full of nuggets. Take time to walk along the coastline to enjoy the sea air. Many hiking trails lead to Guidel Beaches.

The must-see of your stay in the Lorient region: a visit to the island of Groix.
From Lorient, you can embark all year round to discover the beauty of this island. The island is 8km long and 3km wide, ideal for a long walk or bike ride.

If you are keen on history, it is possible to visit the former military site which has become La Base de Lorient: you can visit the Keroman submarine base as well as the submarine Flore.

La cité de la voile Éric Tabarly promises you an air of the open sea. You will be introduced to the world of sailing thanks to an interactive and fun exhibition.
And if you are thirsty for adventure, why not go to the tower of the winds and come down thanks to a tyrolienne going up to 60km/h.

© Loïc KERSUZAN - Morbihan Tourisme

The proximity of Lorient and its interceltic festival which takes place in August will delight you. You can discover the whole Breton culture through concerts and traditional Breton and Celtic dance shows.

Come and discover the musée de la compagnie des Indes de Port-Louis: history of the great trading companies of the 17th and 18th centuries. But also the national museum of the navy and its collections devoted to the rescues at sea and navigation on the old route of the Indies.

Visit our medieval cities of Vannes & Auray

Brittany is full of history and medieval cities. If you like to learn about the history of the region where you have chosen to put your holiday bag while walking the cobblestones of yesteryear, our region is for you!

The creation of the city of Vannes dates back to Gallo-Roman times. Discover today this city that has evolved with the times. Take advantage of the sun by resting for a few minutes at the port, observe the many boats and the dynamism of this city.

Then, why not go for a walk on the ramparts and last fortifications like the Calmont Tower? You can also admire the gothic-style Saint-Pierre cathedral or the half-timbered or timber-framed houses. Look up, you may find Vannes and its wife.

Numerous guided tours are organised daily by the tourist office: This will allow you to walk the streets with a different eye!

© Loïc KERSUZAN - Morbihan Tourisme

Auray, a small village nestled on the coastline, at the bottom of a ria is probably going to be your go-to stopover.

With its cobbled harbour, the little Saint Goustan is a very pleasant place to relax in the summer sun while enjoying a crêpe.

This dynamic town is full of artists who will make you travel.

The buildings, the oldest dating from the 17th century, will transport you to another time.

If you want to visit the town quietly, why not let yourself be transported by the little train?

If you are near Auray in July, don’t hesitate to attend the nautical jousts, an event that promises warmth and good humour!

Finally, visit Hennebont, a medieval city that invites you to walk along its many cobbled streets and towpath. City of art and history of Brittany, you can stroll on the ramparts, near the Broërech towers or the Notre-Dame de Paradis basilica. Don’t hesitate to go there on Thursdays to do some shopping at the market.

If you love horses, visit the national stud farm of Hennebont known for its Breton draft horses.
The botanical park of Kerbihan will allow you to recharge your batteries in the peace and quiet while enjoying nature.

If you are lucky enough to be near Hennebont in July (every 2 years), put on a costume and take part in the medieval festivals!

Discover the Gulf of Morbihan

Brittany is full of numerous islands. About forty islands stand out, at present about thirty of them are still inhabited. So why not treat yourself to a cruise in our magnificent Gulf of Morbihan?

If you’re into long hikes or bike rides, head to Ile aux Moines also known as “The Pearl of the Gulf” or Isle d’Arz for a mid-day excursion. There are also numerous departures to Belle-île by sea throughout the day from several ports.

The gulf also offers long hiking trails that will surprise you. In search of magic, you may come across old chapels, their crosses and banners or some fountains damaged by time. If you want to feel a change of scenery and enjoy nature while offering you remarkable views, this is your chance.

Do not hesitate to visit us to stay with friends or family and enjoy our beautiful region and our good mood.
We look forward to welcoming you soon for an unforgettable stay.